SAUZE DI CESANA – The toll for motor vehicles in Argentera valley in the municipality of Sauze di Cesana in High Susa Valley comes back: the measure becomes effective on Saturday June 29thand it will be valid until Sunday September 1st, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.The ordinance is decided by the little municipality of Susa Valleywith the purpose of earning the necessary funds for the maintenance operations of the municipal road of Argentera valley and above all to cover the costs of the waste removal that means 15.000 € a year, a very big amount for the small village of the Olympic valleys, necessary for the enormous quantity of undifferentiated wastes left by the numerous summer visitors, here called “merenderos”, daily hikers who reach the wonderful valley’s plateau only to find coolness on the Ripa torrent’s banks for a picnic.

The daily fare is 3€ for one motor vehicle, car, motorbike, camper or quad ( no matter how many occupants) and it will be paid in Ponte terribile area to the municipality employees.

The residents in Sauze di Cesana and in the Unione Montana Comuni Olimpici Via Lattea and the owners of the lands along the road are free from fare, as well as all the vehicles for disabled with a regular and valid disable card as employees in the commercial, agricultural and  tourist accommodation activities along this road as well as policemen and route supervisors on duty.

Remember that also the transit on the Lens Municipal road (Ponte delle Albere – junction Valle Argentera), on Cima Bosco road and on the municipal road from Bessen Bas to Brusà del Plan is strictly forbidden to no authorized motor vehicles.

Scorcio della Valle Argentera

Argentera valley: a little paradise on Italy’s west borders

The entire Argentera valley belongs to Sauze di Cesana municipality, a wonderful land surrounded by mountains over 3.000 meters, but delicate and fragile in the case of strong storms. The valley is crossed by only one municipal dirty road starting on SP215 (Cesana Torinese – Sestriere) crossing pastures and pine forests along the Ripa’s torrent and on km.10 it forking on two minor valleys: Valle lunga in which you can find Rifugio Alpe Plane (2.090 m) andG ran Miol valley finishing at the foot of Gran Queyron.

 The Argentera valley’s landscape beauty is given by its morphology of a plateau in an alluvial valley, rich of waters and pastures, surrounded by ridges and alpine meadows, through rocks and trees where you can easily meet some animals like ibexes and chamoises, but most of all the typical alpine fauna ( mountain pheasants, Greek partridges, grouses ) and big predators like the eagle which usually nests there.

The highest land’s peak is Punta Ramière (3.303 m), in a massive frame of high peaks of about 3000 mts. This land has a special protected area, a NSCI, a naturalistic site of Community interest, one more reason for a respecting usage by motor vehicles, to avoid that some association, a bit radical and not so accommodating, could ask the absolute traffic block.

The valley has no direct access on communication routes, but it is traditionally a passageway and a scenary of wartime events and salt smugglers histories. To witness these Italian-french histories there are some forts’ruins now abandoned along this land. During the winter this is a real paradise for cross-counry skiing and snowshoes lovers.