OULX – The safety works of Pramand tunnel, under Seguret Mountain, were finished in the first days of October, therefore, after some years of forced closure, the tunnel is now viable again. The military infrastructure, closed to traffic since july 2013, was gained by Oulx municipality and managed by Unione Montana Alta Valle Susa, which was financied by Piedmont region with the projects of Alta Valsusa forest cooperative. A moment waited for 5 years by 2 wheels lovers, Mtb bikers and hikers, at the end of the season, in the full automnal foliage of larchs, on the dolomitic side of Seguret-Jafferau.

An extraordinary opportunity to reach Pramand (2162 m.s.l.m) and Jafferau Fort ( 2.775 s.l.m) with a downhill for enduro motorcycles to Bardonecchia. 20 kilometers climbing from SS 24 of Monginevro in Salbertrand, a pure emotion with the possibility of driving 12 kilometers more on a dirty road coming back from Forte Föens (2.177 m.) junction after passing Colletto del Vin Vert.

If it early snows it could be possible to find ice, especially near Vin Vert and Jaffearu military house. It is recommended to drive carefully, slow and avoiding to rev up, respecting people walking or biking. The best way to drive this way is to admire the wonderful landscape of this road, built in 1880, but very appreciated also today in Valle di Susa.

An aerial view of the Fort Pramand with the pits that housed the 4 rotating steel turrets of the Artillery Battery