SUSA- After the amazing and wonderful stage Venaria Reale-Bardonecchia Jafferau of Giro d’Italia 2018 that has obliged the organizer to strong works for make the 9 km of dirty road free from snow to Colle delle Finestre starting from Meana di Susa, the entire road SP 172 has been reopened to traffic two weeks before the predictions.

From June 1st every two wheels lover can climb the endless hairpins and reaching the hill, a real window on the suggestive landscapes of Susa Valley  and High Chisone Valley in the country of Usseaux, land that can admire the motorbikers reaching 2.178 meters of the hill, the famous “Cima Coppi” of Giro 2018.

When there was no Giro D’Italia, the works of cleaning the road from snow were made later. During the three weeks before the pink bike run, it has been necessary to take away ten avalanches 7 meters high, fallen during winter, with some bulldozers in the dirty part from Colletto di Meana to the hill.

The avalanches had absorbed big stones and tree trunks, so it was impossible to remove it with simple mill, usually utilized to remove snow from roads. The dirty part of the road has been prepared by technicians and roadmen of Città metropolitana di Torino with a “grader” leveling machine and then rolled. The soil has been then drained and leveled many times, until it has become rightly solid and strong to allow the bike run regularity. The reopening of SP173 Road of Colle dell’Assietta will be after the ordinary regeneration for summer season.

SP 172 is a part of the high altitude wonderful itinerary dividing Susa Valley from Chisone Valley, an international touristic reference. In the next weeks all the details of SP173 summer reopening will be communicate here.

We kindly ask all our motorbiker friends to run the dirty road carefully, without using strong gas, to maintain the road surface homogeneous and allow the climbing also to bicycles, so that everyone could appreciate this wonderful road respecting the hard work that was done to make it runnable.

I lavori di sgombero neve sulla Strada del Colle delle Finestre in vista del Giro d’Italia 2018