BARDONECCHIA –  As every year in Bardonecchia starts the so-called  “Limited traffic zone” or Mountain Ztl, with restrictions to motorized traffic. From Sunday July 15th to August 31st every year the climbing to Sommeiller hill is banned from circulation of motor vehicles every thursday from 00.00 to 12 p.mAll other days during summer time, the road from the wonderful hairpins in front of Grange du Fond waterfalls, can be utilized by paying a ticket for daily transit of 5 euro, also for cars, which must be payed to Bardonecchia municipality staff, directly after Scarfiotti Mountain Hut.

The respect of other bikers during the opening days of this wonderful road to 3000 meters of Sommeiller hill under Rognosa d’Etache, is recommended.

Salita al Colle del Sommeiller – le cascate delle Grange du Fond dopo il rifugio Scarfiotti

Valle Stretta regulation

According to the will of municipalities of Nevache in France and Bardonecchia, also the traffic in Valle Stretta, in the french territory is ruled by strictly motor traffic restrictions.

The road in Valle Stretta to the Mountain Hut will be closed to the uphill traffic from 10.30 a.m. To 3.30 p.m. every saturday and sunday from july 7th to august 26th, and every day from august 10th to august 19th.

Below the complete list of the tourist sporting routes in Bardonecchia land, as paths, mule tracks, dirty roads and forest tracks that are forbidden to motor  vehicles from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.from July 21st and august 31st, 2018.

Route 4 section: Bardonecchia – La Moutte – Chaffaux
Route 5 section: La Moutte – Vernet – Gr. La Casse/Collet
Route 8 section: Bivio strada dei Camini – Grange della Rho – Torrente della Rho (Orgera)
Route 17: Les Arnauds – Cappella Coignet – Pian Del Sole
Route 19: Campo Smith,- bivio detto delle 4 strade (Strada Vivier)
Route 24: Grange Medail – Horres
Route 26: Bacini Frejusia – Alpe Beatrix

The complete list of the regulated routes with their layouts choosen by Bardonecchia’s municipality as paths, mule tracks, dirty roads and forest tracks

Route section 3: Bivio strada del Sommeiller – Grange La Croix – Alpeggio Val Fredda
Route section 4: Chaffaux – Alpeggio Pian delle Stelle
Route section 5: Gr. La Casse/Collet – Croce di Chabriere
Route 6: SP 235 Rochemolles – Croce di Chabriere compreso il tratto di strada di collegamento con il percorso 5;
Route 7: Les Granges (Grange del Frejus) – Serre des Granges
Route section 8: Torrente della Rho (Orgera) – Casermetta della Rho
Route 8bis: Via La Rho – Incrocio Strada per Grange Rho
Route 9: Grange della Rho – Casermetta della Rho
Route 10: Bardonecchia – Punta Tre Croci – 4 sorelle
Route 11: Pian del Colle – diga delle Sette Fontane (strada sterrata vers. sx orografica sud Grand Pinèe)
Route 12: Pian del Colle – Strada Comunale per Nevache – Stazione Meteo Rio Gorgia
Route section 13: Pian del Colle SP 216 – Grange Guiaud – Grange Guiaud – Casermetta 16
Route 14: Melezet – Chesal – Punta Selletta – Cresta Seba
Route 15: Melezet – Laghetto – Margaria Clos/Grange Ourus
Route 16: Cappella Coignet – Margaria Clos/Grange Ourus
Route 18: Pian Del Sole Loc. Hyppolites – Margaria Clos/ Grange Ourus – Chesal
Route 18bis: Pian Del Sole Loc. Hyppolites – Margaria Clos (strada di nuova realizzazione lungo pista da sci)
Route 21: Punta Colomion – Bivio con strada Puys (territorio di Oulx) – Cresta Seba
Route 22: Bivio con strada Casermetta 16 – Casermetta 16 (territorio di Oulx) – Punta Valloncros – Arrivo Cresta Seba
Route 23: Case Geney – S.P. 238 per Borgata Gleise
Route 27: Strada Decauville (da Alpe Beatrix – Bivio Grange La Croix)

Every route with its layout is downloadable from these links: