SESTRIERE – On august 26th starts the ban on transit on Assietta Road (Strada dell’Assietta)in the stretch of road belonging to Sestriere’s municipality, which will be applicable until October 15th, except extensions. The ban on the stretch of road of about 7 kms starts from Col Basset ( 2424 mts) on the ridges’ watershed between Susa Valley and Chisone Valley which descends to Sestriere village.

It’s therefore mandatory to climb or descend to Assietta from Colle Basset in high Susa Valley, driving on the dirty road along the ski tracks that from Col Basset arrive in Sportinia and then in Sauze d’Oulx and/or from Usseaux via Pian dell’Alpe.

The ban is consequent to the scheduled works by agreement with the municipality, the owner of Assietta military road and the Sestrieres spa company, the ski lifts’ owner: there is a project called MF01 Multifunction ski track Sestriere-Fraiteve, for skiing and biking tourism, regarding enlargement and extraordinary maintenance interventions on the south side tracks on the ridge which climbs from Col Basset to Mount Fraiteve and extraordinary maintenance of the road surface.

 This stretch of road could be indeed the arrival setting of the next to last stage of Giro d’Italia 2020 with its arrival even on the top of Fraiteve Mount at 2700 metres.

 The ordinance of ban on transit

 The mayor (…) orders..(omissis):

  • In the period from august 26th until October 15th 2019, on the stretch of SP173 from km 0+000 ( junction with Col Basset road ) and km.6+900 ( end of jurisdiction) a ban on transit for all motor vehicles and cycles is set up from 00.00 a.m. to midnight, as this area is a specific worksite.
  • That in this area must be installed by Sestriere spa company appropriated signs and facilities for the closing of the road from km 0+000 to km.6+900 and built a specific worksite.
  • The agents and the police officers will be responsible for implementing this ordinance.
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